So I thought i'd introduce you all to this new app that I have recently discovered and become obsessed with. BeautySpotter. is a platform in which you can discover beauty looks created by both professionals and beauty lovers. The site/ app also allows you to share your own beauty looks.

So how it works is that you can browse through all looks or search for a specific style or event, for example, Prom. You can like and comment on the looks you find.

Or you can just browse through all of the posts by selecting one of the options on the navigation bar at the top of the app or site.

You can also browse through salons close to you by selecting your location allowing you to find the best salons near you.

Each of the looks once selected will display the products used in the look, and easily allow you to shop for these products.

Create your own profile to upload your own beauty looks and to follow your fave people, salons and stylists

Follow me by searching for 'Daisychainfash' and checkout both my own looks and the looks I have created! Or follow the link here:

Visit and sign up here:
Download the app:

Hope you enjoy this app as much as I do! 

Love Emily x 

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