Beauty Review: O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm



So I was recently given the opportunity to discover the O&M (Original Mineral) Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm, and it has become my firm favourite Hair Product. 
I had never heard of the brand so I have done a little research for you all to know the company a bit better, if like me, the brands come unfamiliar to you. Original Mineral is an Australian Hair Care company who "challenge the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle". The company tries increase the use of natural ingredients, reducing and removing the harsh chemicals that are found in most hair care products. They also deliver Amonia-free hair colour, defeating the myth that you have have to use hair colour with Amonia for great results. 

Now for the product itself, to start off with, the product comes in the cutest little cream textured card box with gold foil embossed font for the product name, which is a really sweet touch, as it projects what you find inside.

The product itself is within another form of packaging inside the box, a circular gold pot with a brown lid taut twists off. The pot is easy to open and close properly after use. 

Once you open the lid the first thing that greets you is the most amazing smell. It's a smell of elegance and sophistication, if that could be a smell. It's sweet and perfumey, but it doesn't wear off throughout the day, meaning your hair will smell amazing for ages (until you wash it out). The product consistency is that of most shampoos, and is not sticky; it's more like an oil than a gel or cream, and so sinks into you hair and skin smoothly. The product is gold with what seems like a slight shimmer to it, however when you put it into your hair it leaves an intense shine,shimmer and softness to the hair. If you look carefully you can see all tiny flecks of glitter on your hair- but this product is not like something from a 90s teenagers OOTD (I.e. Glitter hairspray), it's a shimmer of elegance. The product also contains Keratin which strengthens and restores hair-perfect for those with damaged and lifeless hair. 

I like to use this product after I wash my hair, before I dry it, when I know I will straighten my hair, as the shimmer/shine looks great against the sleekness of straight locks. I also take the product from them lid of the pot rather than where the most part of the product is, as it means I can take a smaller, more precise amount, without wasting any. This will usually be a finger-tip scoop as it recommendeds on the packaging, which i will apply to the ends of my hair- never to my roots because of its oiliness it could create with oil-prone roots. 

The product promises: "smooth, glossy and feather like softness to the hair" which I would agree with completely. 

A 100g tub retails for around £26.00 and can be purchased from and

Thank you so much for reading

Love Emily 

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