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So recently I felt my hair needed a little life added to it, as I was getting bored of my natural hair colour- a dark brunette colour. I had originally planned to use an Ombre Kit, and attempt to blend and bleach the ends a paler brown to achieve a natural look, however I came across the  L'Oreal Paris Preference Glam Bronde Brush-on Balayage Kit, which promised a Bronde colour- the in between of Blonde and Brunette- the colour i was hoping for. The Kit is for full head Highlights, however, i wanted an ombre effect, so with the help of my mum applied it to the mid lengths of my hair downwards, saturating the very ends of my hair for that ombre effect.

The Tutorial-

So Step 1 is to prep yourself- Brush your Hair, put a towel round your neck, :put on gloves, separate you hair into 3-4 sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Leave the bottom section down.

Step 2 is to prepare the Dye, following the instructions provided in the kit. The kit comes with a Comb to brush the dye on with, The lightening agents that you mix, Shampoo and Gloves.

Step 3, apply the bleach/dye as the instructions tell you, but only to the mid-lengths of each section. (the instructions don't tell you to separate your hair, but you get a better Ombre if you do this).

Depending on your wanted colour, Step 4, is to leave the bleach to lift. I left mine in for 35 minutes, but this may vary depending on the condition and state of your hair, My hair had never been dyed previously, so may bleach differently than dyed hair. DO NOT LEAVE THE BLEACH IN FOR LONGER THAN 45 MINUTES.

Rinse your hair under luke-warm water wearing your gloves, then use the provided shampoo to wash and rinse your hair once again, without the gloves.

I'd also recommend using a hair mask/treatment as this is damaging your hair- its a bleach and so it is essential to make sure your hair is a hydrated as possible.

The end Result: 

The Review- 

I am Extremely happy with the end result- it is exactly what I was hoping for plus more! 
Leaving the product on for 35 minutes was the perfect time and achieved the Bronde the Product promises!,  I dried my hair naturally, and so it is wavy, but I have straightened since and am equally happy with the result! It is much easier if you have someone help you by doing the brushing for you as you will get much more professional and precise results, so you avoid the risk of missing chunks and regretting the decision as there's not going back with a bleach!

I would Highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to achieve this look!

I used the shade No5, for Light to Dark Brown hair- the perfect shade for me! however there are a great range of other shades available in the collection to suit other Hair colours.

The range- 

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