Goodbye and Hello



So as some of you may know Daisy Chain Fashion has undergone some massive changes.
The biggest change is it is no longer 'Daisy Chain Fashion' and has been rebranded to suit me as a person now.
I started this blog when I was 15 and since then my writing style and aesthetic has changed so much, that the brand created just doesn't fit me anymore. Due to that i have decided to completely start a fresh, with a new name, branding and blogging platform.

The new Blog is called Styled By Bem and will feature similar posts as I posted here, but in my new style of writing and with the new image I hold.

The New Logo
I would love it if you could all go over to Styled By Bem and take a look, follow and enjoy my new content.

The new blog is more user friendly, clean and tidy but also more fitting to me as a person.

To find Styled By Bem just head over to where you shall find my new home of blogging

I've also just posted my first post- Topshop Embroidery Boots and how to style them. Find it over at

Love Emily

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