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This summer I have my Year 11 leavers prom...
For me one of the most important things for this event, is the dress. I have been looking forward to attending my year 11 prom for as long as I can remember so the dress has to be perfect.
After trying on over 30 dresses so far and not being able to find the perfect one, it got me thinking that I can't be the only one with this problem... can I? For me I need that inspiration and would benefit from a little help so I thought for the benefit of others I would post a few of my favourites for a summer prom.

What is worn with the dress is also important as a pair of bright orange heels with a red dress doesn't exactly create the perfect outfit.... I feel that if a statement dress is to be worn minimal accessories and shoes should be worn. A long line  red dress with a pair of silver kitten heels and medium sized stud earrings works well  for a glamorous look.
In the same way, if the dress simple in minimal colours, brighter, more statement accesories can be worn. A basic strapless skater dress can be accompanied  with a pair of 20's inspired earrings and embellished peep-toe heels

Hope this is helpful to anyone in the same situation as me

Love Emily x
ASOS- Coast £175.00

ASOS- Frock and Frill £135.00

Little Mistress £55.00
Little Mistress £75.00

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