What's in my Bag: Back to school Edition



Here in the UK most of the schools have returned from the Summer Holidays this week and have just completed their first week back, myself included. So I thought I'd show you what I carry in my bag to school.
I am now in Sixth Form so may carry different things with me to what those in younger years may take, due to the fact that different thing are required. To me, it seems like my Sixth Form bag is much more of a Handbag than a school bag as I am not carrying so many items I associate with school.

My Bag:
I bought my bag from Accessorize in their latest sale, costing me only £10.50! An absolute Bargain! The bag is big enough to fit folders and books in just over A4 size with plenty of room making it perfect for the school environment as carrying your books about is a necessity. I carry this bag on my shoulder, I had originally wanted to carry it on my arm, but the straps are a little too long to do so. I love that the bag is in subtle, minimalistic colours so will go with anything, so is perfect for 6th Form where own clothes are worn everyday.

Item 1: Pencil Case
This is just a plain and simple clear pencil case with an aqua trim. I wanted just a simple case to take a more grown up approach, don't get me wrong I love all the funky and pretty cases but starting a new school and in Sixth Form, taking the grown up look is the safe bet. In my pencil case I carry a black roller ball pen, a pencil, rubber, and 30 multi-coloured fine liners to splurge all my creativity with.

Item 2: Note Pad
I use this to write all of my Class Work in. I chose this particular one as it is pink and for a more practical reason as it has dividers to split the subjects into. At my Sixth Form you do not get given books, and so I thought this note pad would be perfect!

Item 3: Purse
The best thing in my bag! A simple faux black snakeskin and baby blue purse with a cute bow in it. I never used to take my purse with me to school, there was no reason to, but now as I am travelling further and fro from school everyday I never know when I will need it.

Item 4: Diary
In my diary I write all of my homework and any events worth jotting down. I chose a tiny diary so that it could just slot in one of the pockets in my bag and is out of the way not taking up too much room. I love the  cute little design of it, a classic Paper chase item!

Item 5: Carmex
I carry my Carmex Lip balm EVERYWHERE with me, as you never know when you'll need it. It works every time and smells great too.

Item 6: Sticky Notes
Perfect for little notes and reminders. I haven't actually had to use these yet, but I know I will soon, and when I do they'll be perfect. So cute and pink!

Item 7: Phone
I have the Nokia Lumia 610, it's not the best phone in the world, but it does its job. This is another item I carry with me everywhere!

Item 8: Glasses in Case
I wear glasses to see things far away, such as the boards at school. I especially need them for the times when the teachers writing is so small, even those with perfect vision can't even read it! I love these glasses because they are a subtle colour, meaning they are not harsh against my skin tone washing me out as black frames would, yet they still have the thicker frames making them on trend.

Item 9: Literature Books
Currently studying English Literature I am required to read books. The books i have been assigned to read at the moment are Hard Times by Charles Dickens and Tennyson Poetry, both fairly challenging as they are Victorian Literature, using an older variation of English.

Item 10:
Lastly is my Train Passes in this cute little Pass Holder I purchased from Paper Chase. This makes a boring travel pass seem a little more exciting and pretty!

Thank you so much for checking out my blog, be sure to leave a comment of your ideas for future posts, design, opinions, anything really. Hope you have enjoyed this weeks post.

Love Emily x

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