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Prom Season is just around the corner so I know many girls are searching the stores for that perfect dress, and that quest can be extremely challenging and emotional! Every bit of help and advice is vital in this time of need, as I found out last year when I was preparing for my Year 11 Prom. Meeting your expectations of your prom is essential and following the trends of Prom season is most girl's ideal, so I have put together a Prom Season Trend report for 2015, picking out the best of the trends this season.

1. This year the influence of flowers is big on the prom front; from floral prints and lace to 3D flowers and jewels. There are some beautiful dresses available following this trend both on the highstreet and online.

Here are my favourites: 

1. Sherri Hill. £507.00. Available online with the code: 11229 
2. Yumi. £65.00. Available online (ASOS, Lipsy, Next) 
3. Miss Selfridge. £55.00. Available in store or online (Miss Selfridge, House of Fraser) 
4. Quiz. £54.99. Available online or in store (House of Fraser) 
5. ASOS. £85.00. Available online (ASOS) 
6. Little Mistress. £72.00. Available online (ASOS, Little Mistress)
7. ASOS. £65.00. Available online (ASOS) 
8. ASOS SALON. £95.00. Available online (ASOS)
9. ASOS. £85.00. Available online (ASOS)
10. Elise Ryan. £82.00. Available online (ASOS)
11. Jones and Jones. £39.00. Available online ( 
12. Jones and Jones. £60.00. Available online ( 
13. John Zack. £40.00. Available online (ASOS) (Petite Exclusive) 

2. The Two-piece dress or the Prom Skirt is also on trend this Prom season. This can come in the form of a co-ord (where the top and bottom match), or the empathsis and detail is applied to the skirt. This allows you to mix and match or create your own dress-like look, unique to you! For skirts without tops, choose a cute plain cropped or midi bralette or top in a formal fabric such as a silky or chiffon type. 

Here are my favourite looks: 

1. Missguided. £15.00. Available online (
2. Missguided. £20.00. (Top £10). Available online (
3. Missguided. £40.00. Available online ( (A dress with the illusion of a two piece)
4. Closet. £54.00. Available online (ASOS) 
5. ASOS. £50.00. Available online (ASOS)
6. Needle & Thread. £95.00. Available online (ASOS)
7. True Violet. £65.00. Available online (ASOS)
8. Jones and Jones. £45.00. Available online ( 
9. Little Mistress. £48.00. Available online (ASOS)

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post. For those of you preparing for your Prom I hope this has been helpful and you have a fantastic Prom! Please let me know how your Prom Experience is going, I'd love to hear from you! 

Love Emily x 

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