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So Scary thought- it's back to school next week! This Summer has once again flown by! So I thought I'd put together a selection of Back to school, college, sixth form, uni, work, wherever you're going back to, essentials! 

1- A bag- quite a obvious one, but with so many to choose from it can be difficult to choose. So I recommend choosing one that's big enough to fit all your work in, but that is not so big that you feel drowned or even like a turtle (this applies more to years 7 and 8). Also it's got to be a bag you love and feel confident wearing! But don't choose one that's too expensive as especially if you're at school, it will probably get dirty and scratched. My faves are satchels and tote bags! 

2- stationary- pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, you name it, it'll probably be on a list but the essentials are a pencil case, 2 pens, pencils (2 HB and an artist set if needed), fine liners, a rubber, a ruler, and the subject specific stationary such as calculators and scissors etc...

3- Note Pads- unless you're in lower school (years 1-6 or 7-11) you'll probably need note pads. There is three options here, you can go organised- one note pad with dividers for each subject, super organised- separate note pads for each subject, or with the intention of staying organised, but subsequently failing, with paper everywhere and all your notes jumbled up. Whoever option you choose Pukka Pads are what I find are the best notepads put there. 

4- Comfortable Shoes- these shoes are going to be what you have on your feet all day long, of for at least 6 hours anyway, so they've got to be comfortable. But comfort doesn't mean they can't be really pretty or super sophisticated (unless your school won't allow it). New Look do a great range of shoes that are super comfy and super adorable! 

5- Hair Accessories- chances are, especially if you are at school, the only way you'll be able to show your personality through appearance  is via your hair, so some cute hair accesses such as bands, clips and bobbles are an essential if you want to express yourself! Head-ties (bandanna's or bows) and scrunchies are a personal fave of mine! 

Good Luck on your first days back, and remember Back to School doesn't have to be so daunting or horrible, if you set yourself up with the right things!

Love Emily x 

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