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So I recently got the amazing opportunity to attend the current Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition in London with my friend. Located just past Somerset House and the Kings College Arts and humanities campus, the exhibition is full to the brim of the amazing works of the stand alone designer Nicolas Ghesquiere for  Vuitton AW 15/16 Collection and the designers influences, from the hand-crafted bags to the extravagant clothing items. 

Once inside the exhibition, you follow through many different rooms, all decorated in the most amazing ways, think fancy lighting and loads of mirrors (Que multiple mirror selfies). Inside each room you will find different aspects of the collection, from the creation of the box bags to the final products. 

The first room you enter is found by walking through a crazy tunnel. Once inside you are faced with a 360' wall of screen, showing different parts of Vuitton Central to the room, and he only other thing is a huge Vuitton case displaying some type of video, however the room was so packed with people it was very difficult to see what was being played. 

The next room is lined with loads of mirrors and fancy lighting, the room once again centred with videos being played of the creation of a Vuitton box bag, all hand made! This room was once again very busy so we didn't spend to long in there, however what we saw of the videos was amazing! 

Following that, you come to a room once again lined with mirrors. This room displayed many catwalk shots/ short videos of Vuitton Fashion looks. I loved this room as you get to see so many looks, and in a way you feel like your there, watching the catwalk show! 

So you know how I said about watching the box bags being made via video? Well the next room allows you to view them being made in real life by a team of experts. They're work is also projected onto the huge screen wall behind them. Seeing these boxes being made and crafted in real life was such an experience and to know how much effort goes into each and everyone, it puts it into context as to why Vuitton is so expensive! 

Once you've seen the looks and craftship, you move onto the Accessories room. The contrast between the dark room before and the bright white room of Accessories takes a while for your eyes to get used to, but wow- they're were so many beautiful bags and other accessories, displayed in such a cool way. They were on mannequins that were sort of pressed into a wall so that they created two mannequins, giving each side of the wall a different perspective. My favourite item from this room was the monochrome bag with  bright coloured detailing and silver chain strap, however the super crazy yet cute sunglasses come a close second! 

 My favourite room is probably the  walk in Wardrobe- the room with all the clothing, shoes and bags, all displayed immaculately. Most of the items were free for you to touch, making the experience extra fantastic- being around Vuitton knowing all the work that has gone into each piece before you enter the room, it's pretty amazing! 

The last room of the exhibition is the poster room- a room described pretty much but it's title. Inside you are given a complimentary poster and are able to peruse the room decorated with hundreds, maybe even thousands of Vuitton posters. I would love my room to be decorated like this! 

I had the best evening at the exhibition, and would definitely visit again! The effort that has gone into the display of the whole exhibition and the pieces themselves are amazing. I would recommend this 100% to anyone- so if you're out and about and need something to do, definitely go visit! 

The Details: 

The exhibition is on display until the 18th October 2015 and is located in 180 Strand WC2, London.

 From London Charring Cross Station: turn right out and carry from walking along the road, you will pass  Somerset House and Kings College Arts Campus, the exhibition is next to these. 

Admission is free and is open between 10:00 and 20:00. 

Thank you so much for reading,  I really hope you enjoy reading about my little Blogging Trips!
Let me know if you have visited and what you thought of the exhibition! 

Love Emily x 

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