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So I recently attended a Charity Fashion Show, and being a fashion blogger I naturally decided to blog it!
The show itself was hosted by the local Women's Institute to raise money for the Tea Pot Trust, a charity that provides art therapy for children with chronic illnesses. This allows the children to be able to cope with the complications, such as anxiety or anger, of their long-term illness. The trust works across the UK setting up workshops for the Art Therapy in Hospices and Hospitals for the children. To find out more about this Charity, and how you can get involved or even donate to this fantastic charity visit
The event was staged by Travelling Trends, a company that travels around the manufacturers of the brands that we love, purchasing the items that are deemed unsellable (when to the customer they may seem perfect!) and the items that did not get sold. These brand include Topshop, New Look, Miss Selfridge, ASOS and your favourite department stores. The lovely lady who represented the organisation did a fantastic job in audience involvement, encouraging us to guess where the item of clothing was from, as the labels from the brands are removed (aside from the select few that get missed!!!). The show featured a model from the Travelling Trends company and 7 guest models, two of which were my bestie, Lydia and her mum, who both did a FANTASTIC job! The actual Catwalk shoe lasted around 45 minutes, showing a variety of looks for different age groups. At the end of the show all of the guests had time to browse the racks of clothes and accessories, and to buy the items at fantastic discounts, such as 50%!!! My friend purchased a white Miss Selfridge dress for only £20.00, yet it would retail around double that!

I was able to get some pictures from the evening, of the set up, and Lydia doing her thing down the catwalk! Sitting on the FROW I was able to get some clear photographs! I will do my best to let you know where each of the items came from so you can check them out if still in store!

Lydia's White midi-dress is from Miss Selfridge
The Black Mesh Cut out midi-dress is from the big department stores.
The Animal print Cami is from Next

For more information on Travelling trends visit their website: or email:

Also, don't forget to follow Lydia on Instagram, her username is @Lunarlydz

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and had perhaps inspired you to host one of these Fashion Shows and raise money for a worthy cause! I had a fantastic evening, and would definitely recommend attending one of these events, even if you don't host one yourself!

Love Emily x 

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