How to: The Faux Fur trend (part 2)



I'm  back with the second part of my Faux Fur Trend how to guide! A Four week series of posts where I show you how to style 4 different Faux Fur trends right now and also providing you with relevant examples of what I think work and look best.

This week is the Faux Fur Collar:

2. Faux Fur Collar

This simple piece of accessory is much like a scarf/ separate collar in one and comes as just a slightly curved strip of Faux Fur, usually on a silky backing.  This item adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.

One way I would style this would be over a Leather Jacket.  For pastel coloured Leather Jackets, a pale fur collar looks best and creates a girly look and is much more casual than a black Jacket. This could be worn with Blue wash jeans and a pair of brown or black ankle booties! Try Cutout booties and frilly socks for even girlier and pretty look!
For a slightly edgier or dressed up approach,  go for a darker, for example black, leather jacket and any colour Faux Fur Collar. I particularly think a paler collar looks fab with a black leather jacket as it creates contrast and looks ever so pretty! Wear this over a body con dress,  patterned trousers/leggings or even jeans! 

Faux Fur collars also look great over a Duster Coat; which is another HUGE trend this year! The Brown/ mottled Faux Fur collars work well with this look, depending on the colour(s) of your coat! With Pastel coats a white collar may work better! Tartan Duster Coats and a Brown Faux Fur Collar look fab together...
Wear over a plain tee or crop and a pair of any wash jeans, booties and a smile!

Here are my faves:

Thank you so much for reading this weeks post! I hope you have enjoyed it! Dont forget to come back soon for part 3! 

Please leave a comment- i love hearing from my readers! 

Love Emily x

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