Summer Essentials 2015: Sunnies and Nude Lipsticks



Today, as the Summer weather is finally starting to stay around, and its only a few weeks till Summer officially starts, I thought I'd share with you my Summer Essentials for 2015. This includes EVERYTHING I feel is essential for the Summer season, varying from Fashion, Beauty to little things that can just make Summer the best it can be, even if you're not venturing out to sunnier shores!  
I shall be spreading my Essentials across several posts, with 2 essentials on per post. 

My first Summer Essential is a cute pair of Sunnies! I love the whole over-sized trend at the moment, its so glamorous and feminine, and what's more, you don't have to dig deep into your purse, as your favourite high-street stores are rocking the sunglasses trend better than ever!
My next Summer Essential is natural/ Nude Lipsticks. In the Summer seasons, a natural, your-lips-but-better look is a Summer staple and is perfect for daytime looks and beach days, where natural make-up is key, wearing too much make-up in the warm weather and water do not mix well! And the beauty industry has got the nude-lip covered once again, with so many variations of colour and finishes available for under £10.00- my favourites are the Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Collection!

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