Mini Fashion Haul


Yesterday I went shopping with my friends and although I didn't have much money, I still managed to come home with some cute treats, so I thought I'd show you...

So the first thing I bought was a pair of flatform, daisy print, canvas shoes which lace up with white laces from New Look. I tried on these on the off chance that maybe I'd like them and add them to my wishlist of things I'll never get, however I instantly fell in love with them the moment I put them on! I just had to buy them!
The shoes are flatform, which means that they are flat soled, but are raised like a pair of platform shoes... but they are flat! The inside of the shoe is super plushy, so the shoes mould to the shape of your feet, making them one the most comfiest shoes I have ever worn, aside from my Vans and Chelsea Booties.
I also love the cute daisy print which floods the whole of the canvas on the outside of the shoe. At £14.99, they were a bargain!

Next, I bought was 3 pairs of Topshop frilly socks for £8.00, using the 3 for £8.00 offer. Per pair they retail at £3.50. I have constantly raved about ever since they were released last summer. I love these socks, and so do you guys apparently after seeing how many views my post on these cuties received.   I bought them in baby pink, baby blue and sailor stripes as I thought they were perfect to pop on in the spring and summer with a pair of shorts, a cute skirt or dress or on a chilly day, a pair of skinnies. You can never have too many of these sweeties.

I also bought a chunky ring from River Island. I don't usually buy rings, however after recent inspiration, I decided why not! This particular ring I love as it is in pastel pinks and blues, my fave colours and is also in the shape of a daisy which I absolutely love!  It cost me £4.00, which may seem a little dear, but I believe it is well worth the money!

On our trip I paid a visit to Claire's on the hunt for some pretty pony tail and bun wraps. I love these things as they have the ability to make the most simplest of styles look amazing! I first bought a ponytail wrap band in pretty blue and white paisley print. This cost £4.50. This is like a scrunchie with a wired bow/knot which can be worn at the front and top of the pony.

 I also bought a navy blue and white spotted bun wrap in Claire's. This is a strip of fabric with a line of wire through the middle tomake it easy to mould around the bun. It creates a pretty summery look! It cost £3.50 and is well worth the money!

Lastly, I bought the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Colour Rush in '220 Rumour Has It'. This is a lipstick in a crayon form and reminds me very much of Clinique's Chubby Stick range. It had been on my shopping list for ages, and it was only yesterday that i got round to buying it. I bought this particular colour as it is different to any other lip colour i have had before. It produces a sort of bright, pinky berry colour which i think is perfect for a night out or for a casual walk or shop. this cost me £5.95, which isn't cheap, however in comparison to other brands it seems a a lot less than it is, also the price will vary depending on where you go.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my fashion haul, I'm off shopping again tomorrow so I should be posting another haul very soon! 

Love Emily x

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  1. You really need to get therapy for your shopping addiction girllllllll ;)

  2. Those shoes are amazing emmybemmy

  3. the daisy shoes are adorable !! perfect for days out xx

    1. Aww... thank you! I love them! They surprisingly go with a lot of things too! Xx


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