So one of the big trends at the moment is satchels... vintage, colourful, patterned, textured, classic, they are all on trend. This trend has been popular for around a year now, the most popular sold by The Cambridge Satchel Company, a British, family business that was founded in 2008.
Satchels themselves have been around  since the 17th century and since then have been developed for the greater. There are now so many varieties including the Batchel (a backpack cross satchel) and mini satchel.
It is not only The Cambridge Satchel Company who sell these must have bags, popular high-street stores such Topshop and New Look  also sell them making it easy to access the key trend whenever needed!
I personally love this trend and wear my Blue, single clasp A-Wear satchel almost all the time! I fell in love and purchased it whilst in Ireland last year for €36.00, which equates to around  £30.00 and have worn it ever since!
Below I have listed some of my faves that I have seen on the high-street this year...
I recommend you purchase a satchel this year... its a key item to stay in trend
Love Emily x
Image 1 of Cambridge Satchel Company 13" Two Tone Satchel
The Cambridge Satchel Company £160.00

Daisy Street £21.99
River Island £40.00
New Look £19..99
Topshop £28.00

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