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So a new month marks a new store of the month! This month it is.......Motel Rocks. Now I know a lot of people have not heard of this brand, I hadn't until pretty recently, but since discovering it have become in love with its quirky fashions and prints. I have to admit I do prefer the clothing ranges to the jewelry, shoes and accessories!

Motel Rocks, or Motel as it is often referred to, is an online store that was established in the late 1990's. Its main focus is on unique, vintage and edgy fashions that are inspired by the American vintage and thrift shops that the company wants to bring to the UK. The site offers you advice on the latest trends, exclusive offers and a complete new outlook n fashion! Although it is based in the UK, it does offer shipping to America, Europe, Canada and Australia.

I have often mentioned Motel products on my other posts so thought that it would be perfect for my store of the month this month.

I am writing this post having not actually bought anything from the site, so cannot comment on my personal experience,  however I do know people who have bought from this site (multiple times) and have said it is great! It is free delivery unless otherwise selected.
The products can be a little pricey, but I believe it is well worth the money for most of their items which I don't think I have seen elsewhere!
The company also sells brands! The most famous being Dr Martens which range in price from £75.00 to £110.00.
One of my favourite trends if definitely the Daisy Prints which are featured throughout the site across all products, and as you all know I love my Daisy Prints!! 

Below I will post some of my favourite items from the site listing the links and prices.

Hope you love this Store of the Month as much as I do!

Love Emily x
Denim Dungarees £55.00, Dungaree Dress £35.00, 
Cami £25.00

Shorts £35.00
Sunglasses £25.00

Tea Dress £40.00
Playsuit £45.00
Satchel Bag £60.00
Playsuit £45.00
Swim Suit £35.00
Skater Skirt £25.00
Dress £40.00
Bikini £39.00

High Waisted Skirt £28.00
Playsuit £45.00
Tea Dress £40.00

Cigarette Pants £40.00
Jeans £40.00

(I will try to post every weekend, but i am currently taking my exams so they may be irregular until mid-June).

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